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  • Wrote Dolch Reading and Writing Practice book
  • Wrote lessons for Spelling, Composition, Open Court Reading, and Intervention programs
  • Wrote grade 4 Theater Arts Connections Teacher Edition
  • Wrote lessons for the Kaleidoscope Intervention Program
  • Wrote original manuscript and edited manuscript for Spelling and Reading programs
  • Wrote Cardinal Edition Spelling books for grades 2, 3, and 4
  • Wrote and approved art specs
  • Managed ancillary books for grades K-6
  • Implemented training guide consisting of publishing terms and definitions which has been incorporated into the training of all editors

The Quarasan Group

  • Wrote fiction and non-fiction books for ESL program
  • Wrote Teacher Editions for leveled reading project
  • Wrote lessons for Teacher and Student Editions of Reading/Language Arts program, including original poems
  • Wrote lessons for Teacher and Student Editions of ELD program

The Mazer Corporation

  • Wrote English Language Arts Assessment books, including lesson plans

Kane Publishing

  • Wrote lessons for elementary Vocabulary program

Barrett Kendall Publishing

  • Wrote lessons for elementary and high school level English and Composition programs
  • Wrote prototype for ESL program

Inkwell Publishing

  • Wrote lessons for elementary Composition program including Teacher and Student editions, Reteach books, and Blackline Masters
  • Wrote leveled books for reading program

Group Publishing

  • Wrote books based on bible stories for weekly classes

Goodfriend Solutions

  • Wrote copy for company web site and various client sites
  • Wrote company brochures

Cardinal Health, Inc

  • Wrote and edited brochures, newsletters, and informational literature
  • Consulted with the Marketing department to improve communications

Writers Network

  • Wrote cover story for the Perimeter Star Community Corporate Newspaper